Kitten Kindy®


Introducing Kitten Kindy®, where you can learn all the necessaries to raise a well behaved cat. Kitten Kindy® was created by veterinary behaviour expert Kersti Seksel in Sydney over 10 years ago, she recognised a need for young cats to learn to be sociable and owners to learn how to raise a well adjusted kitty! Open to kittens aged 7 to 14 weeks, they must have been vet checked, in good health, and had their first vaccination. Bring your carry cage, vaccination card and your cat’s favourite treats.


We will cover kitten handling, nail trimming, tableting, grooming, brushing teeth

Cat body language

Health concerns – nutrition, gastrointestinal disorders, wounds/ abscesses, respiratory disease. Ageing cats – arthritis, renal disease, senility

Enrichment ideas and making homes cat friendly, toys, cat fountains, scratch posts, shelves, litter trays.

Learning sit, wearing a harness, clicker training

Problem behaviours – inappropriate toileting, scratching, biting, inter-cat disagreements

Cats and Dogs getting along


1 hr session=$ 45.00


Located at

Ellerslie Veterinary Centre 

199 Main Highway Ellerslie

Ph 281 3481

2014 Kiwi Vet Behaviour

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