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Dr Jess Beer BVSc MANZCVS -


What is a Veterinary Behaviourist?


Highly skilled, fully qualified veterinarians that have gone on to achieve further qualifications in veterinary behaviour. We can create a truly holistic wellbeing plan for your furry family member that may include medication, environmental management, carefully controlled desensitisation and counterconditioning, and other scientifically proven methods like positive reinforcement to help your pet thrive.

A qualified veterinary behaviourist won’t try and sell you a ‘quick fix’ collar because they know that animal behaviours can be very complex, and while a punishment may mask the issue temporarily, it won’t help your family member in the long run. In many cases those tools will make things even worse, as the punishment (often described as aversion, negative reinforcement or balanced training) can actually increase fearful or aggressive responses.

If someone is advocating punishments like prong collars, shock or citronella collars, promoting the long disproven ‘dominance’ or “pack” theory, or are offering you a quick fix or guarantee for when issues will resolve, odds are they are not a qualified veterinary behaviourist. They may actually make things worse. 

Why Are We The Best Choice For Your Pet?

As a qualified veterinary behaviourist you know that we are not just accountable to you and your dog, but also to the professional bodies we are accredited to. 

Dr Jess is a qualified and registered veterinarian with the Veterinary Council of New Zealand and has been meticulously tested by the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists to earn membership in veterinary behaviour.
As a requirement for ongoing registrations Dr Jess was required to complete further professional development each year. She was the president of the ANZCVS Veterinary Behaviour Chapter 2018-2020. She is a current member of APDTNZ, AVSAB and PPG, all organisations following a code of ethics that emphasises the use of humane techniques in animal training.

No Pain, No Force, No Fear


Why Choose a Veterinary Behaviourist?

When you choose Kiwi Vet Behaviour you can be sure of scientifically supported, ethical treatment plans and perhaps most importantly, ongoing wraparound support. I know that living with a fearful or aggressive pet is immensely challenging. When you choose Kiwi Vet Behaviour you know that have every aspect of your pets physical and mental health covered, and you can rest easy that you are doing the best for your pet.

We care deeply about animals and strive every day to improve their wellbeing. Your pet matters and we are here to help both you and your beloved family member.

Struggling with your pet’s behaviour issues but lost in a sea of misinformation? Time to find a qualified and compassionate source of information. Get help and ongoing support with Kiwi Vet Behaviour. 

You can be sure of getting the most modern, scientifically proven methodologies to help your pet. 


What People Are Saying

"I went from being terrified of what our cat would do next to having a beautifully written plan and a series of links from a trusted source that I could learn from. It was as if “think like a cat” was written about her! Almost forgot to mention, she is still somewhat unpredictable, Surprises people that she looks so angelic but will hiss and swipe if cornered.. however a very different, happier cat at home. No more uncontrolled attacks. She’s learnt that even if she wants to bite me, she stops herself. I’ve learnt to play with her more, provide more stimulation and reduce her anxiety. Thank you for your help!