What do my qualifications mean? 


BVSc  - Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Massey University 2002

I am a fully qualified Veterinarian with more than 17 years of experience in companion animal clinical practice. I have worked in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, as well as donating my time to charities in India, Greece, Portugal, Thailand, Panama, Mexico, Romania, Rarotonga and Gibraltar. 



MANZCVS - Veterinary Behaviour

Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists 2014



I am one of only 11 veterinarians in New Zealand with this qualification, having achieved membership in 2014 of the Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. The award of Membership of the College is conferred upon a veterinarian who is eligible to sit and successfully passes an examination in a given Membership subject.



My passion for modern scientific evidence to treat animal behaviour and welfare concerns means that at all times I  keep up with continuing professional development. I am affiliated with the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour (AVSAB), Save Animals from Exploitation (SAFE), World Veterinary Service (WVS). I am also President of the Veterinary Behaviour Chapter of ANZCVS.




2014 Kiwi Vet Behaviour

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